Team ECS GM EFI Drag Racing
2012 Team ECS & Mantic Clutch: GM EFI Drag Racing Series
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Team ECS GM EFI Drag Racing Series 8.90 Rules
Team ECS and Mantic Clutch GM EFI Drag Racing
2012 8.90 Index Payouts, Rules and Points
GM EFI 8.90 Index Payouts Rules and Points

The 2012 Team ECS & Mantic Clutch GM EFI Race Series 16
Presented by American Racing Headers and Comp Cams/FAST

Team ECS Racing 8.90 Index
GM EFI DRAG RACING presented by Mantic Clutch

- Payouts (guaranteed regardless of car count)
#1 Qualifier Award by
  • Winner: $250 + trophy
  • Runner Up: $125 + trophy
  • #1 Qualifier: $25 + plaque from Mantic Clutch
  • $$ Awards to the 2012 Points Champion
  • Team RP Jacket awarded to the 2012 Points Champion
Mantic Clutch

- Rules

  • Race Format:
    - All Run Field, Sportsman Ladder, 8.90 Index, ¼ mile, .500 Pro tree
    - Deep staging is allowed but tree will not be held (auto start will be active)
    - Courtesy staging in effect
    - Qualifiers faster than 8.90 go to the bottom of the ladder
    - During Eliminations, a break out loses
    - In cases of a double break out, the least break out advances
  • Body:
    - Any year full bodied GM (General Motors) vehicle

  • Chassis / Suspension:
    - Any

  • Interior:
    - Any

  • Engine:
    - GM powered Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) only

  • Transmission:
    - Any

  • Power adders:
    - Any

  • Fuel:
    - Primary fuel source must be gasoline
    - Methanol, water, etc., injection is allowed

  • Exhaust:
    - Must meet Raceway Park noise level requirements

  • Electronics:
    - No electronic throttle stops or optic sensors
    - The use of any device, mechanical or electronic, that permits or aids the driver to ascertain the position of his/her vehicle in relation to the starting line is strictly prohibited

  • Tires:
    - Any

  • Safety:
    - Car and driver must be certified / licensed for 8.50 ET or better per NHRA guidelines

  • Must adhere to all Raceway Park Drag Racing Rules of Competition

  • Must adhere to Raceway Park Safety and Helmet Rules

- Generate Ladders (Select "Sportsman Pairings")

- Points ( 2012 Permanent Number / Points Series Renewal Form )

Team ECS Racing EFI 8.90 Index, presented by Pfadt Race Engineering letter from Raceway Park View the Team ECS Racing EFI 8.90 Index, presented by Pfadt Race Engineering letter from Raceway Park

  • Points will be awarded in the following manner:

  1. By signing up for points by the first point's day you receive 1 bonus point

  2. By staging your car in the first round of eliminations you receive 1 point

  3. For each round you win during eliminations you receive 1 point

  4. "Drop Two Races" in effect: Your best 6 of 8 races will count for points standings
    - Drop your worst two races (including zeros, no shows, etc.)
    - This will be adjusted at the end of the season by Raceway Park
    - Rating points that start after week #5 will not drop

  5. Ties are decided by:

    • Number of Eliminator wins
    • The rating point system will be in effect *
    • Ties that need to be run-off will be run on the last day of points, if needed

      - A higher position in the points standings will be determined by whichever driver went further in competition during the prior points event
      - Position may further be determined by better 1st round reaction time if a tie still exists
      - If tie is for position only, a coin toss will be done
    1. * Rating point system:

      - Each driver will be rated according to his/her position in the standings. The rating system will begin after the 5th event as follows: If a racer is in first place, one rating point will be awarded; second place will receive two rating points, third place will receive three rating points, etc. If two or more racers are tied with the same amount of points for any position, they will each receive the same amount of rating points (e.g., tied for fifth = each racer gets five rating points). After ratings start, these numbers will be increased based upon what place the racer is in per race event. This will continue through the end of the points series. On the last points day, if a racer is in seventh place and earns enough points on that day to move him/her into a tie for third place, the racer with the lower rating points will finish the year in third place and the higher rating points racer will be fourth. The only way a runoff will be necessary is if the earned points, number of wins, and rating points are the same. If after the tiebreaker, a result for position has not been determined, a run-off will occur

    - Official points are posted on the Raceway Park website, the Tuesday following each event

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